Linux-to-Win Remote Control

Luis B. Almeida Luis.Almeida "at"
Fri, 30 Oct 1998 19:31:25 +0000

Quentin Stafford-Fraser wrote:
> "Luis B. Almeida" wrote:
> > According to information that circulated in this list some time ago, the
> > next revision of VNC will incorporate compression. Apparently, that
> > version is expected to be released soon.
> Yes, protocol 3.4 will include a zlib compression alongside hextile
> etc.  But don't hold your breath - I'm not likely to get around to
> this before, oh, let's say, 6 weeks from now.
> We've found that for simple screens hextile compression is similar to
> zlib, but zlib is a big win if you have images, dithering, etc.  It
> does, however, introduce a little latency at the server end, so people
> on fast networks will probably still want to use hextile.

As I said, I've tried putting zlib compression in the windows version.
What I found was that the best is to use zlib on top of hextile (and
this is significantly better than zlib on top of raw). In my normal use
of the system with a 33.6K modem I'd say that zlib-on-hextile is about
1.5 times faster than hextile alone.

In the next version, you might consider allowing people to choose zlib
compression on top of any of your existing compression schemes. Instead
of being one more option for compression alongside the other ones, the
choice of zlib / no zlib would be independent from the choice among the
existing schemes.

I did not announce my version with compression because I thought yours
would be out soon, and mine is very crude (e.g. it always uses
compression, and thus is not compatible with the normal, uncompressed
version). But since your version will still take a while, I'll see if I
can find some time to put my version in a form that can be made public.



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