Linux-to-Win Remote Control

Luis B. Almeida Luis.Almeida "at"
Fri, 30 Oct 1998 11:47:58 +0000

Scott Dudley wrote:
> I need to be able access my windows machine at work from my linux box at
> home.  I've used the latest vncviewer for linux and win32 server on my NT
> box at work.  It works but the speed (or rather, lack thereof) renders it
> unusable over dialup.  Is there a combination of settings that will make a
> dramatic improvement?  If not, can anyone recommend another product
> (commercial or otherwise) that will facilitate this connectivity.

According to information that circulated in this list some time ago, the
next revision of VNC will incorporate compression. Apparently, that
version is expected to be released soon.

I've made some experiments with zlib-based compression through a 33.6
kB/s modem, and the average speed increase factor seems to be less than
2. However, on some screens or windows dithered with regular patterns
the speed increase is dramatic: the Windows shutdown screen decreased
from 1.5 minutes to about 15 seconds.


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