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Nick Silberstein nick "at"
Fri, 30 Oct 1998 00:53:41 +0000

Scott Dudley wrote:
> I need to be able access my windows machine at work from my linux box a=
> home.  I've used the latest vncviewer for linux and win32 server on my =
> box at work.  It works but the speed (or rather, lack thereof) renders =
> unusable over dialup.  Is there a combination of settings that will mak=
e a
> dramatic improvement?  If not, can anyone recommend another product
> (commercial or otherwise) that will facilitate this connectivity.

The most important thing I've found is to keep things visually simple=20
on the server end.

When connecting to a vncserver on a Unix box, use a windowmanager=20
with very simple window decorations (stay away from gradients, etc!).
Using twm with a solid bitmap as the titlebar will be tremendously
faster than using Enlightenment with the default theme, for example.

When connecting to a vncserver on a Microsoft Windows platform,=20
setting the background colour to be a solid (any colour, it doesn't
matter) helps tremendously. Setting foreground and background colours=20
to be the same on titlebars etc helps keep redraw times low when=20
switching between applications.  Minimizing everything but the=20
application you're working on seems to help as well. Setting the=20
resolution down to 640x480 will help keep initial drawing times low.

If all else fails, order a cable modem or DSL service. :-)


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