QuickBooks freezes w/ WinVNC + linux vncviewer

John Wilkes john "at" wilkes.com
Thu, 29 Oct 1998 05:56:47 +0000

I recently installed VNC to run Win95 apps on Linux systems, and it is a
real pleasure to be able to use Quicken, et al, without changing seats.

The only problem I've hit is when running QuickBooks.  The program uses
pop-up menus for things like the customer list and the vendor list.  Using
the mouse in vncviewer on these popup menus freezes everything.  It's not
fatal; simply moving the real mouse on the Win95 machine brings the world
back to life, and I can continue using vncviewer.  The same thing happens
in the QuickBooks preferences box when I click on an icon.  The program
menus ("File" "Edit" etc.) work fine and don't exhibit the problem - only
the popup menus within the program.

No other program I've tried exhibits this behavior; Quicken (another Intuit
product) also has pop-up menus, and they work fine in vncviewer.  MS-Word,
MS-PowerPoint, Adobe FrameMaker, and many little utilities all work fine.

It's QuickBooks 5.0 - maybe I should upgrade to 6.0 and see if that's any
better.  I have "Poll Full Screen" checked, but nothing else (except
"Accept Socket Connections" of course) in WinVNC, and I start vncviewer
with no special options.

One other thing: when shutting down Win95, I often see one of those little
boxes telling me that WinVNC has performed an illegal operation.  Doesn't
seem to affect anything.)

VNC is awesome.  If I must use Win95 based tools (and it is hard to avoid
these days) at least I can run them on my own terms.  VNC with samba makes
using Win95 tolerable for me.

John Wilkes

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