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Kevin S. Davis ksdavis "at"
Wed, 28 Oct 1998 15:08:58 +0000

well, i am using the winvnc server not Xvnc.  the server runs 32bit
color, but the sgi viewer seems to use 16bit color.  i typically use the
-bgr233 option.  the mac viewer seems to pick up 16bit color as well.  i
really dont think the performance loss is caused by this issue.

i also downloaded the sun binary.  it also ran much faster than the sgi
viewer.  i think i will try tinkering with the source code and your
patch.  i will let you know if i find anything out.


Wolfram Gloger wrote:
> Hi,
> > since the cable modem's throughput from the network is 1.5
> > mbit/s the performance seemed much better.  however, since the release
> > of the mac viewer, my view has changed.  when i use the mac viewer at
> > school, in the same cluster as the sgi, the performance is much better.
> > why?  is there a way to get the same speed from the sgi viewer?
> Can you check what visual the SGI viewer uses (e.g. by examining the
> log file from an Xvnc server) ?  If it is a 24bit TrueColor one, and
> the Mac viewer only uses 8bit graphics, that may explain a performace
> decrease of up to a factor of 3 for a slow network.
> You may also experiment with the `-bgr233' and `-d' switches of the
> viewer.
> If the visual (and compression) used by both viewers is the same, I
> have no clue however why the Mac could be considerably faster.
> Regards,
> Wolfram.
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