Problems with WinVNC Update Handling

Strelow, Ulrich Ulrich.Strelow "at" Schering.DE
Wed, 28 Oct 1998 10:59:44 +0000

     today I tried out the different Update Handling Options of the 
     WinVNC32 server. I wanted to find out whether there is a better 
     combination than the default "Poll Window Under Cursor + Poll 
     Console Windows Only".
     After the tests I wanted to return to the default setting. But it 
     seems that the server is not doing the update handling as before. 
     I get the effect that only a small square under the cursor is 
     refreshed on the screen. Moving the cursor along updates the 
     screen square by square.
     The WinVNC32 server is running as a NT service. I can see that 
     the properties are stored correctly in the Registry under 
     HKEY_USERS -> .DEFAULT -> Software -> ORL -> WinVNC3 when I 
     change the Properties and press the Apply-button. Even Stop/Start 
     and Remove/Install the service does not work
     How can I get the default settings back ?
     Thanks in advance for answering.
     Ulrich Strelow
     e-Mail: Ulrich.Strelow "at"

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