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Ari Pollak compwiz "at"
Tue, 27 Oct 1998 23:39:44 +0000

Nope. when I connect to the VNC server, it shows teh regular X desktop & X
cursor, so I know that X is running, and there are no errors reported.. how
would I go about starting it by hand without a script?

>It sounds as if you don't have a window manager running?  This should be
>started by the ~/.vnc/xstartup script. You might like to try running one
>by hand, with an appropriate DISPLAY setting, or checking the log files
>to see if there are any errors.
>Dr Quentin Stafford-Fraser  
>ORL - The Olivetti & Oracle Research Laboratory
>Ari Pollak wrote:
>> Hi. I just succeded in installing vncserver on my linux 5.1 machine, and
>> vncviewer on win98. I opened up vncserver on port 1, and vncviewer
>> apparently seemed to connect ok to it with the pass and everything. I got
>> ther normal X background and cursor, and I could move teh X cursor around,
>> but when I clicked (and right-clicked) on the desktop, nothing happened.
>> Any ideas?
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