forcing shared access

William W. Arnold warnold "at"
Mon, 26 Oct 1998 20:16:43 +0000

Is there any way to tell the server (solaris version) to only
allow connections in shared mode?  If not, Is there a way to 
get the client (Windows version) to default to shared mode/remember
the mode for a client.  I'm getting really tired of my session
going down because someone else forgot that they need to set their
options to shared.

BTW:  VNC is a godsend.  With it, a couple of other OpenSource
programs and ~3 days of hacking we implemented all the functionality
we needed for A Major Project.  If we didn't have this available, we
would have had to go with a Comercial/no source package that we had
priced at ~$60,000 for all the required licenses.

-billy-  warnold "at"
Senior Systems Administrator

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