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John Marsh jamarsh2 "at"
Mon, 26 Oct 1998 18:34:06 +0000

Bob Barry wrote:
> I installed VNC on a remote Linux machine, and set it to run KDE  on
> startup.
> My local machine has a boot manager, so it can boot either Win95 or
> Linux.  The link to the remote machine is 10MHz ethernet.  When I
> boot Linux and invoke vncviewer, display and response of the remote
> machine are awesome.  When I boot Win95 and invoke vncviewer, the
> graphics are just as good but response and paint run at snail pace.
> Is the speed difference inherent in the viewers, or have I got
> something set up wrong?

There is also a vast difference in the networking code in Linux and in
Win95.  Depending on your network card, and the way the driver is written,
it may not be able to handle the traffic.  Do you have any other network
intensive applications running at the same time?  
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