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Bob Barry bobb "at" ADSME.CO.ZA
Mon, 26 Oct 1998 14:29:52 +0000

I installed VNC on a remote Linux machine, and set it to run KDE  on 

My local machine has a boot manager, so it can boot either Win95 or
Linux.  The link to the remote machine is 10MHz ethernet.  When I
boot Linux and invoke vncviewer, display and response of the remote
machine are awesome.  When I boot Win95 and invoke vncviewer, the
graphics are just as good but response and paint run at snail pace.
Is the speed difference inherent in the viewers, or have I got    
something set up wrong?

I like the FullScreen option of the Win95 vncviewer, but have not
found similar capability on the Linux vncviewer.  Is it there?


Bob Barry

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