Jörg Hanke hanjo "at"
Fri, 23 Oct 1998 04:00:18 +0000

i don't understand your panic !

VNC is a tool to give access to machines in an environment where
you have control over who gets physical acess to the machine
running the server. so anybody who can access that machine=20
physically may know the password anyway.=20
people that are already connected also knew it to view the=20
if you go away from any machine (to get some more coffee :) you=20
should log out (everyone does so because that's what logins are for).=20
at this point there is no chance for the bad boy to get the
properties dialog ...

in fact there is the risk of somebody watching remotely your=20
connect-dialog to another machine...
but for performance/security reasons i always disallow connections
to the machine i'm just working on :)

so i don't see Revelation is threatening VNC's integrity. it just=20
sharpens your mind on having a closer look at a whole systems security
concept and who is allowed to access that system through which channel.=20

btw we know microsoft didn't make windows for securities sake
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