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Colin Swan colin "at"
Thu, 22 Oct 1998 16:23:48 +0000

> colin "at",Internet writes:
> >which of course doesn't exist. I tried manually changing it to the 
> >correct IP address which brings up a page saying that I can't get to the
> >settings as I am not a local client.
> did you use the IP it got from the DHCP server? or did you try

I actually used the IP from the DHCP server, I didn't actually think 
to try localhost.
> and the name localhost both loopback in the machine, and other
> processes can tell it is local.  I would assume that is how VNC server
> determines whether or not the browser is allowed to open the config page.

Not sure, but I used the Applescript that was given to me be 
Charles at ORL, and it worked, I know not how :-) The problem is 
that I'm no Mac expert so it's all a bit of a mystery...

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