Sharing the Win NT Console (ConnectPriority)

Strelow, Ulrich Ulrich.Strelow "at" Schering.DE
Thu, 22 Oct 1998 09:35:18 +0000

     we are currently using VNC in a Win NT environment. We want to 
     share the NT console between the people who are responsible for 
     the OS (WinNT) and the people who are responsible for the 
     application (SAP R/3, that's me).
     So I read about the Registry Parameter ConnectPriority in the 
     docs. The values 0 (disconnect all existing connections) and 1 
     (don't disconnect any existing connections) work correctly, but 
     when I specify 2 (refuse the new connection), I get no error 
     message when I am the second vncviewer session.
     Is there a solution to this problem ?
     Tkanks in advance for answering.
     Ulrich Strelow
     e-mail: Ulrich.Strelow "at" 

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