mac vs sgi

Kevin S. Davis ksdavis "at"
Thu, 22 Oct 1998 02:32:13 +0000

hi.  my name is kevin and i am a vncaholic.

first of all, vnc is an excellent.  hats off to the developers.

now on to my question.  i run the winvnc server on my home computer
which is connected to the internet via a cable modem.  at school, i use
the viewer on an sgi with irix 6.2 that is connected through mit's
ethernet.  i find the performance adequate and attribute any
'sluggishness' to the fact that the cable modem's throughput to the
network is only around 40 kbyte/s.  i 'verified' this theory once by
running a vnc server on a mit computer and the viewer on my home
computer.  since the cable modem's throughput from the network is 1.5
mbit/s the performance seemed much better.  however, since the release
of the mac viewer, my view has changed.  when i use the mac viewer at
school, in the same cluster as the sgi, the performance is much better. 
why?  is there a way to get the same speed from the sgi viewer?

thanks in advance for your comments and help

Kevin S. Davis
mailto:ksdavis "at"

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