Using VNC for a One-to-Many solution...

Robert S. Huss rhuss "at"
Wed, 21 Oct 1998 21:30:16 +0000

The key issue is efficiently sending signals to multiple machines without a
cost related to the number of clients.  I think your additional requests
are not addressable by VNC.  If I were to use this in our classroom, I
would not want to force full screen or locked out keyboards.  Certainly I
would want the VNC client to be read only, but I wouldn't otherwise
restrict the client machines.   Any additional lockouts should be done
separately from a VNC solution.  I would also still expect it to be the
clients responsibility to ask for a signal.

Bob Huss

At 12:15 PM 10/21/98 +1100, Michael Harlow wrote:
>Just a couple of items I'd like added to any wish list for a
>multicast VNC one-2-many system.
>In an ideal environment, the instructor starts MultiCast-VNC,
>selects a list of clients (either manually created or from a
>network search) and all clients machines immediately start their
>viewers in full screen, and lock out mouse and keyboard use
>locally (so the students wont fiddle and will pay attention).
>I have a lab of 30 Pent-II-266Mhz, with NT4, on a fully switched
>10Mbit network. I would hope not to have to use a proxy. I could move
>one of the PC's (Instructor) to a 100mbit port.
>This would be a really neat feature for teaching use. I hope some
>momentum builds for creating this functionality. It's beyond me, but
>I volunteer to test it.
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