NT Server Hangs revisited

Jason Ozin at JBD jjo "at" jbd.org
Wed, 21 Oct 1998 17:06:08 +0000

Remember this?:

> We have a TCP/IP NT4 and W95/98 network. We have the VNC server on the NT
> server and the viewer on my W98 machine. Works brilliantly unless the
> negotiates a dial out TCP/IP session while the viewer is active. What
> usually happens then is a complete network freeze (but not always). The
> server and workstations still function but there is no network. Re-booting
> the server solves the problem.
> I now find that it is not only RAS that causes this but any activity that
> plays with TCP/IP settings as you have found. I also think this behaviour
> more prevalent on a dual processor server rather than a single processor
> server.

Well as a last resort, we've taken the D-Link 100-Base-TX card out and
replaced it with a 3com 100-Base-TX card and it's early days but the server
seems to be taking everything we throw at it at the moment. Teaches us to
buy cheap :-(

I'm pleased to be able to use VNC in anger now and also to remove the blame
from it.

Thanks for everyone's advice.

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