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Wed, 21 Oct 1998 15:31:30 +0000

Hi !

I'm using VNC for a long time now. I just have to use it from a FreeBSD box
because we have some Win-Applications (Access-Database) I have to run, so
I'm using the vncviewer on the Unix-side and the WinVNC server on the
other side.

Two things has been annoying tiil today:

1) The WinVNC server is extremely slow. I know that it's slow because
   it's just a sharing process which has to control 2 equal displays,
   2 mouses etc.

2) If someone else wants to work on the Win-Station I can't work anymore
   and has to search for another free station.

These 2 problems lead to the question:

Will the WinVNC someday be stucked with the same features as XVnc, so that
you just get a virtual display of the Win-station but not the real one ?
This would also make the connection faster I think.

If there's no such plan, maybe there's a plan to make the WinVNC faster
in another way ? Any other solutions ?

Also I'd like to have informations about similar software. The software
mustn't be free software like VNC, but not that expensive as the
citrix software (I don't want to pay Mickey$oft for something every
unix-system can do for lots of years).

Any hints ?

Udo Wolter, email: uwp "at", www:
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