Macs and Open Transport 1.1.3

Hugh Anderson anderson "at"
Wed, 21 Oct 1998 09:13:31 +0000


I have two questions for developers, or people who know....

I am able to run the VNC viewer on an older 68k based MAC with no
trouble, and with the newer PowerPC based MacOS 7.6.1 machines
at work.

However, the server does not run using the OpenTransport 1.1.1
on the PowerPC based MacOS 7.6.1 machines. It requires OT1.1.3.

Q1: Is it possible for the Mac server software to be recompiled to
    use OT 1.1.2 instead?

    Rationale: OT 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 are available as installable packages
    from the Mac FTP sites, but OT 1.1.3 is not.
    I understand that there may be some overiding reason to use OT1.1.3,
    but if not, can this requirement be relaxed?

Q2: (a repeat) Could the UNIX vncviewer be modified to put up boxes
    asking for hosts:display and then passwords in the same way as the
    Mac and Win ones do?

    Rationale: Same reason that we have it on Macs and Win95! It is
    relatively easy to put up a Tcl/Tk query box for the host:display,
    and then run vncviewer within an Xterm to allow password entry,
    but it looks messy....


Thanks yet again to all the VNC people - It is a neat product, and
I keep on finding new uses for it.

Cheers Hugh

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