Setting for Background

Dan Izydorek danacme "at"
Tue, 20 Oct 1998 14:55:45 +0000

Where can I get this new version you are talking about (Quentin's new ZLib
encoding for VNC)?


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>On Mon, 19 Oct 1998, Dan Izydorek wrote:
>> Is there a setting you can choose on the viewer or server end that
>> display the background of the host on the viewer?  So that there is less
>> data to transfer.
>At present, no, because that sort of thing is rather difficult to do, in
>general.  The PC version _could_ try to change the background pattern to
>something plain when a connection is in progress but I think this would be
>rather more confusing than anything else.
>There's also the fact that I don't _think_ there's any approved way of
>changing the background image on Windows - I think you'd have to just muck
>about with the registry.
>Quentin's new ZLib encoding for VNC should make this particular situation
>much better, though.
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