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Mon, 19 Oct 1998 16:09:45 +0000

"Centro de Estudios de las Americas A. C." wrote:
> I have the same problem, I have 15 computers and the refresh is too slow, I
> do not think is a network problem if only the winvnc could handle better
> multipple viewers like the x version does it would be great for those who
> are interested in the educational field.

Just an idea, I've never tried it: Use a unix machine running both a
server and a viewer, as a "level-1" proxy for VNC, as earlier described
in messages to this group. Then use another unix machine that again has
a server and a viewer, as "level-2" proxy (i.e., the viewer of this
machine will view the level-1 proxy's session). Assuming that you can
comfortably connect 9 viewers to a unix server, you can now connect 8
viewers to the level-1 proxy, and 9 to the level-2 one, giving you a
total of 17 viewers.

Of course, for this you need another unix machine to act as proxy. And I
don't know whether the added delay of this level-2 proxy is still
acceptable. But if it is, you can then use up to 9 level-2 proxies and
get a total of 81 viewers...


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