VNC Proxy - ideas?

Marinos J. Yannikos nino "at"
Mon, 19 Oct 1998 15:19:17 +0000

It seems that many people are requesting additional features, which would
complicate the VNC protocol and require new versions of both client and
server. In some cases, this can't be avoided (e.g. 1 bpp support and
compression, which would be useful for me as well), but perhaps it would
be a good idea to design a VNC proxy server which can handle some of the
complexity of the requested features, while the clients and original servers
are kept simple. Some features that could be implemented with a proxy sitting
between server and client:
- controlling several server displays from a single client, perhaps with
  an overview display showing all server displays in a "thumbnail" view,
  zooming-in on demand to a particular server.
- multicasting (not sure if the current clients could handle this...)
- session management (client connects to proxy; proxy shows available servers
  and offers a dialog box to choose from, or starts a server first)
- serial/parallel port connections (would require only new clients; not
  sure if it's worth it, since it's the same code whether it's implemented
  in the proxy or in the server itself)

Does anyone else think that such a proxy server would constitute a useful
project? At least the one client -> multiple servers handling seems
useful enough to me.

What I miss most at the moment is a way to start a Xvnc server from the
client, without having to start up a telnet session first (and without
having to keep Xvnc running all the time).


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