NT Server hangs

Jason Ozin at JBD jjo "at" jbd.org
Mon, 19 Oct 1998 11:42:15 +0000

I've certainly had it once when moving a large directory of many files
around the network. I used to get it occasionally with PCAnywhere as well so
I think it's something to do with the mix of TCP/IP, the custom GINA.DLL and
multiprocessors. I've applied all NT4 Hot Fixes relating to TCP/IP problems
even the Teardrop one which describes my symptoms almost exactly, but it's
still happening.

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From: James [Wez] Weatherall <jnw "at" orl.co.uk>
Date: 19 October 1998 09:00
Subject: Re: NT Server hangs

>On Fri, 16 Oct 1998, Jason Ozin at JBD wrote:
>> server and the viewer on my W98 machine. Works brilliantly unless the
>> negotiates a dial out TCP/IP session while the viewer is active. What
>> usually happens then is a complete network freeze (but not always). The
>> server and workstations still function but there is no network.
>> the server solves the problem.
>> >
>> I now find that it is not only RAS that causes this but any activity that
>> plays with TCP/IP settings as you have found. I also think this behaviour
>> more prevalent on a dual processor server rather than a single processor
>> server. Is your server a multi processor?
>Do you see a similar problem if you're in the process of downloading a
>very large file from somewhere while the dial-up connection is being
>negotiated?  (Basically, is the problem isolated to VNC, or does it also
>occur when any kind of continuous-traffic IP connection is in progress?)
>James "Wez" Weatherall

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