Multiple vncviewer (java) support

Michael Zakharoff imjz "at"
Sun, 18 Oct 1998 00:16:54 +0000

OK... After fumbling around with source, I FINALLY was
able to connect from a W95 (netscape) client to a UNIX based vnc server
(basically an Xterm) *without* a password... I defined a URL like:


And poof, it brings up the Xterm window (It has a bunch of system
monitoring stuff running in the window), and it DOESN'T ask for a
password... Its great!  Except for one thing <you knew this was

The problem is, there is sometimes when I *WANT* no passwords (i.e.,
read-only Xterm as described above, so anyone on our subnet can access
information w/o password) and there are times when I *DO* want a
password... (i.e.  Provide an xterm for system maintenance, etc)...
Basically, I set up multiple vncviewers (in different directories, with
the following attributes):

vncviewer (java) - No password required, Share mode on, no keyboard
vncviewer (java) - Password required, NO Share mode (Normal)
vncviewer (java) - Password required, Share mode on

The directories that separate these different versions are as follows:

/usr/local/vnc/classes             (Normal)
/usr/local/vnc/classes/noauth  (No password, Share, Nokey)
/usr/local/vnc/classes/share    (Password, Share mode)

I also have three different versions of vncserver, pointing to the
appropriate ($vncClasses variable) directory where the classes... The
problem is that Netscape (latest) loads and runs the FIRST one
(vncserver.class), and doesn't care that I am accessing another
webserver:port  that was intended to use a *DIFFERENT* vncviewer..

The problem seems to be that once a java vncviewer is started (within
netscape), it doesn't CARE that another java vncviewer (a different one,
one with/without a password, share/noshare) is loaded... It can't
differentiate between them...

Question:  Can 'Xvnc' support multiple NAMES for vncviewer (i.e.
vncviewer.1, vncviewer.2) to support the above situation?   For
instance... If the basic ROOT path for classes is:


BUT, within vncserver I defined the class path to be:


And, within /usr/local/vnc/classes/1, I named all the classes to be
"xxxxx1.class", so where the "1" corresponds with the name of the
directory "1", then Xvnc would create a web page that (could) have a
unique name for vncviewer... Anway:

Has anyone done something like this?



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