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Charlie McLachlan cim "at"
Fri, 16 Oct 1998 17:52:53 +0000

On Fri, 16 Oct 1998, Alessandro Cucchiarelli wrote:

> I have recently downloaded the Vnc package and installed the server on a
> Sun Sparc 20 workstation running Solaris 2.4 and the viewer on my Mac G3.

The Mac viewer does not deal with non english keyboards very well, and
even on English keyboards has problems with alt+whatever key presses.

What happens is that the MacViewer will send alt+| instead of just |, the
viewer has to try and work out which which keys should be sent with an alt
modifier and which ones shouldn't. On English keyboards shift+\ is |,
presumably on Italian ones alt+something is |. The viewer needs to be told
that alt+something should be sent as an unmodified |. It can find this out
by using KCHR resources. The trouble is I didn't know much about KCHR
resources whan I wrote the viewer, so it doesn't use them correctly.

In the next revision to the Viewer this will hopefully be fixed.  

In the meantime have you tried Dair Grant's alternative viewer? It's
linked from the vnc contribs page.

> Everything work fine, exept for my italian keyboard key mapping.
> The problem is that I am not able to generate the characters in the
> alternate set (Alt key down), and considering that, among them, you can
> find the unix 'pipe' symbol and the square brackets, it is really awfull!
> The problem disappears if I write inside a Text Editor windows (TextEdit
> ...) o a FileManager one.
> Could anybody give me some suggestion on how solve the problem?

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