NT Server hangs

Christian.Heßmann Christian.Hessmann "at" magelan.net
Fri, 16 Oct 1998 17:36:06 +0000

No, our server is a single pentium 166, nothing special.
Oh yes, I forgot: There´s a RAS-Server installed on the system, but not
used at the moment.
I don´t know if it happens on any activity that plays with TCP/IP, it
was forbidden to me to "play" with this server and VNC, it´s our BDC and
Microsoft TechNet-Server, you know? ;)

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I have reported a similar problem previously.

We have a TCP/IP NT4 and W95/98 network. We have the VNC server on the
server and the viewer on my W98 machine. Works brilliantly unless the
negotiates a dial out TCP/IP session while the viewer is active. What
usually happens then is a complete network freeze (but not always). The
server and workstations still function but there is no network.
the server solves the problem.

I now find that it is not only RAS that causes this but any activity
plays with TCP/IP settings as you have found. I also think this
behaviour is
more prevalent on a dual processor server rather than a single processor
server. Is your server a multi processor?

I wish I could work out why this is happening as it means I'm reluctant
use VNC for anything but quick basic access.

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