VNC speed mystery (vnc viewer on Win95 laptop) Mike_Spreitzer.PARC "at"
Fri, 16 Oct 1998 15:29:20 +0000

> But there are all sorts of things that can affect speed.  Pixel depth
> is an obvious one

Yes, I had already done as much as I could about this: viewer machine (laptop)
set to 256 colors (its max), server machine (desktop) set to 256 colors (its

> See the FAQ for more info under 'How
> do I make VNC go faster'?

Upon re-reading, I noticed the bit about backgrounds.  Changing my desktop from
"swimming pool" wallpaper to a flat color made a huge difference.  The initial
screen load went from 360KB to 12KB and a very small network transfer time
(although it took the viewer noticably longer to get the display up).


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