VNC speed mystery (vnc viewer on Win95 laptop)

Quentin Stafford-Fraser quentin "at"
Thu, 15 Oct 1998 20:51:12 +0000

> >  I presume
> > this means the limiting factor is the performance of the vnc viewer.  T=
> > he fast
> > cases include running the vnc viewer on the same Win95 laptop against a=
> > n X vnc
> > server.
> >

Well, as mentioned in the docs, the Win32 server will always be much
slower than the Unix one on an equivalent platform because we have the
source code for X and so know exactly what's going on.  With Windows
we have to do a lot more guesswork.   

But there are all sorts of things that can affect speed.  Pixel depth
is an obvious one.  The Windows viewer will normally request whatever
pixel format the server offers it and translate it locally.  This
helps reduce load on the server, but may use more network bandwidth. 
The X viewer, on the other hand, requests an appropriate pixel format
for its local X display.  The server will always do endian swapping
between platforms of opposite endian.  And the graphics drivers of
both viewer and server can have an effect, not to mention the IP
stacks.  Of course, what's diplayed on the screen also has a big

Several things you could try... See the FAQ for more info under 'How
do I make VNC go faster'?


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