Strange problem (security?) and Using as NT service

Quentin Stafford-Fraser quentin "at"
Thu, 15 Oct 1998 20:34:40 +0000

Virginia Metze wrote:

> and guess what appeared on the screen?  About 25-30 lines of a mail message
> that MAY have been on my screen at the office

When the clipboard changes at either end, the contents are inserted
into the clipboard at the other end.  

When windows sees a new connection it also reports a 'changed
clipboard' to it.  I've deliberately disabled this in the viewer, so
that the server doesn't get sent stuff that just happens to be in the
viewer machine's clipboard when you connect.

We ought to do this the other way around as well, so that the server
doesn't send clipboards on initial connection.  I'll put it on the

Of course, this only happens once you've got past the VNC
authentication process, so you have to know the VNC password for this
to happen.

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