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Quentin Stafford-Fraser quentin "at"
Thu, 15 Oct 1998 20:24:17 +0000

John Fulmer wrote:
> Todd Rinaldo wrote:
> > What determines what the pointer will
> > be? This seems like a cool thing to be configurable...
> Or beyond that, it would be nice to be able to turn off the VNC pointer,
> and let the client mouse cursor be the only pointer seen. For some
> reason, the little black dot bugs me :)
> jf

Normally the local pointer should be the black dot and the remote one
should be whatever should be displayed at the other end.  Early
versions of the WinVNC server had problems getting the remote icon
right, but I think it should work pretty well now.  Have you got
recent versions of the software?

It's interesting how different people react to the different pointers
- some want just remote, some just local, some like both.  I like the
black dot, because you can use it to click somewhere before the
display of the remote cursor has caught up.  But I'll put it on the
list of requested configuration options.


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