Strange problem (security?) and Using as NT service

Virginia Metze vmetze "at"
Thu, 15 Oct 1998 09:40:25 +0000

I am also interested in the problem below.  I don't want to leave my
NT workstation unlocked, but can't access it MYSELF from anywhere else.

However, I have discovered a very strange and worrisome thing.  When I
tried to log on again just now, and was again unable to get past the
login screen, I went on to do other things on my PC.  The first thing
I tried to do was paste something into my notepad window.  I forgot to
do a 'copy' before I did the paste...

and guess what appeared on the screen?  About 25-30 lines of a mail message
that MAY have been on my screen at the office, and may not have been.  I had
sent it some time before leaving and it is possible that the screen containing
the mail was minimized.  Or possibly not even minimized.

Now, why on earth should that be?  Does this mean that anyone failing to connect
to us just needs to paste to notepad to find some goodies?

Virginia Metze

> If I use VNC as a service and I reboot the computer, how do I log onto
> VNC?  When I use CTRL ALT DEL to login, it is picking it up on my own
> system.
> Is there a trick?
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