VNC speed mystery (vnc viewer on Win95 laptop)

Damon Hoggett damon.hoggett "at"
Thu, 15 Oct 1998 08:30:21 +0000

I had a similar problem, and it related to the number of colours used on
the server desktop being greater than those available on the viewer. The
viewer seems to have problems handling it, although if you try the Java
version I think you will find that it operates much faster.

Hope this helps.


> Subject: VNC speed mystery (vnc viewer on Win95 laptop)
> Author:  owner-vnc-list "at" at INTERNET
> Date:    10/14/98 12:11 PM
> Hi folks, I have another question about VNC working mysteriously slow i=
> n one
> configuration, much faster in others.  The slow case is this: vnc viewe=
> r running
> on Win95 laptop (50MHz 486, 20MB memory), 10Mb Ethernet (just ethernet,=
>  no
> routers involved), vnc server running on WinNT desktop (400MHz PII, 128=
>  MB
> memory).  For example, the initial screen update transfers at about 600=
> 0
> bytes/second.  I've done some packet tracing, and see no lost packets o=
> r
> congestion, but I *do* see TCP flow control limiting the transfer.  I p=
> resume
> this means the limiting factor is the performance of the vnc viewer.  T=
> he fast
> cases include running the vnc viewer on the same Win95 laptop against a=
> n X vnc
> server.
> Thanks,
> Mike

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