Error closing viewer under 95B.

Luis B. Almeida Luis.Almeida "at"
Wed, 14 Oct 1998 18:51:58 +0000

Konstantin Krivtsov wrote:
> I've got similar problem with same simptoms several times, but I was
> really able to continue normal operation except of vncviewer didn't
> start again until I reboot viewer's computer.
> I have Win 95B on both server and viewers computers
> viewer has version 3.3.2 R5
> ---Quentin Stafford-Fraser <quentin "at"> wrote:
> >
> > Robert -
> >
> > I haven't seen this - I would be interested if anyone else has.  Was
> it the
> > latest version of the viewer?
> >
> > Regards,
> > Quentin

I tried a few things with the viewer, just to see if I got errors (both
viewer and server are 3_3_2r2, running on Win 95):

- On a machine in the same LAN as the server, I tried, several times,
closing the viewer while the message "Please wait: initial screen
loading" was visible. The viewer closed with no errors. I also tried
changing the encoding in the viewer's settings (from raw to hextile, and
from no-8-bits to 8-bits) while that initial message was visible, and
again got no errors. Also tried resizing the viewer's window while that
message was visible, and again no errors. Tried starting the viewer with
Netscape 3 running, and got no errors (see below).

- On the same machine where the server is running (i.e. in a loopback
connection), the viewer got hung quite often, with the initial message
displayed. This happened almost every time I tried to start the viewer
with Netscape running, and never happened without Netscape running. With
Netscape running, it did never happen if I requested 8 bit pixels in the
viewer's options. This might point to some memory conflict between the
viewer and Netscape, since the restriction to 8 bits must cause the
viewer to allocate less memory. It shouldn't be a problem of lack of RAM
in the computer, because the machine has 128 MB RAM and almost never
swaps anything to disk.

Note that in this latter machine I'm using a preview release of Netscape
4.5, and therefore the bug might well be in Netscape (and in Windows,
that lets the two programs interfere with each other). I'm not
complaining about vnc at all. I'm mentioning these results only because
they may give some further information regarding this issue of the
viewer getting hung.


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