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Muddassar Farooq wrote:
> In WinVncserver if I try to access my desktop with some viewer, then
> exactly samethings happen at original desktop, which I do on viewer. If
> I open MSWord on viewer, it will also open on server side as well.
> But if I access my unix desktop with a viewer then whatever I do through
> this that does not appear to happen on that machine which I am
> accessing. Is it because of operating system ? or because of difference
> in vncservers ? or I am doing something wrong ?

You're doing nothing wrong. The servers of unix and Windows operate
differently from one other. In unix, when you connect to a server, it
uses a X session that is different from the X session that's displayed
on the server machine's screen. So, what you see on the viewer and on
the server's screen are two completely independent things. Windows
doesn't have this multi-session capability, and the Windows server just
sends to the viewer what's displayed on the server machine's screen.
Therefore what you see on the viewer and on the server's screen are the


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