mac alpha server and 3 button mice

Michael K. Murray mmurray "at"
Wed, 14 Oct 1998 04:29:08 +0000

I reported a problem awhile back with the Mac alpha server. This
seems to be caused by my 3 button mouse. Here is a summary of
what happens.

Server G3 266 desktop
Viewer G3 233 powerbook connected over ethernet.
This has a trackpad.

I have a 3 button logitech mouse which comes
with a control panel called MouseKey.

(1) Standard server, 1 button mouse, MouseKey disabled.
Everything works.

(2) Standard server, 3 button mouse, MouseKey  loaded.
No arrow on viewer although scroll and refresh work.
No menus dropping etc.

(3) Resedited server set to 3 button mouse, MouseKey
activated and 3 botton mouse connected.
Viewer works fine but ONLY when apple key or option held down
when I click.

So except for needing to hold down the option or
apple key this is fine.

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