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DAVID SWEET dsweet "at" Corp.Sun.COM
Tue, 13 Oct 1998 22:55:37 +0000

First off, thanks to all who are putting time into the vnc project.

I would like to confirm bugs in the mac alpha server noted earlier.
Repsonse to those bug reports indicates fixes are being looked into.
But I thought I'd chime in to lend them credence.

1a. "Server Options..." does not launch the a browser with
   things done without positive result:
     internet config, configured
     desktop rebuild
1b. InternetExplorer used to get to http://<server_ip>/settings.html and
it just sits and spins when the
      "Change" button is pressed.
    Netscape used to get same address, but gets this error:
       The server Default Desktop on machine <ip> can only be configured
by a local client.
Noted fix:
  introduce a vnc control panel which will execute applescript commands
Work around:
  author an applescript which will change the different parameters for
you, like the following:
  set something to display dialog "Enter Password" default answer ""
  tell application "VNCserver"
    set passwd to first item of text of something
  end tell
My 2 cents:
  I like the control panel idea, but in the final release it shouldn't
require applescript since 
    applescript is an optional install
  I would like to see only the control panel used and not an extension,
since the control panel
    can do everything the extension is doing now.
  The control panel ought to set the things you set from the "Server
Status Tool".
  I would like to see the finder pull down menu go away since it can't
start the server
    without a desktop rebuild and the other things it does can be
accomplished from other programs.

2. Mouse clicks sent from a client are ignored by the laptop mac server.
   The only PPC I have is a laptop (pb1400c/133).
   I have run the client on mac desktops, in web browsers and on unix
   In each instance keyboard input is sent and recieved but there is no
indications that the 
     mouse clicks are getting through.
My 2 cents:
  Since I get the behavior from multi-buttoned mice and from single
button mice I believe it has to
  do with the fact that my laptop has a trackpad and not a mouse.
  The previous user who complained of this behavior also had a trackpad
on the server.

Thanks again.
David Sweet
SunMicrosystem Enterprise Services
650 336 9939
dsweet "at"

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