W95 dial-up-server - problems when netcard is listed prior to dia l-up adapter

Niels Johansen NielsJ "at" datapharm.dk
Tue, 13 Oct 1998 10:35:39 +0000

Help - please
I use MS dial-up-network W95 server to connect to our network from outside,
to get an TCP/IP connection.
When connected, I use vnc to view the dial-up-server and I use vnc on the
dial-up-server to view workstations
on the network.
This way I can control any ws on our network from my machine at home.
This works fine if the dial-up-adapter on the W95 dial-up-server is listed
(in Network in W95) prior to the netcard adapter, but if
the netcard adapter is the first listed, it does not work. And - I can not
find ways to rearrange the adapters.
All ideas are welcome.
Is there a better way to connect?
Thank you.
Niels Johansen (Denmark).

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