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Tue, 13 Oct 1998 08:32:51 +0000


I discovered VNC and i find it SUPER! Nevertheless, i ve some little pb:

-has somebody succeded in compiling under ultrix 4.4 ? (if yes : how)

-is there a way to have support of openGL under SGI (a lot of SGI binary
use it): even "jot" makes a core-dump!

-i ve compiled it under DEC-UNIX 4.x and it works very well, but a
question : the copy/paste works on the VNC window (from an xterm to
another) but not from the vnc window to another program under win32 (i
use VNC client for win32 under winNT4): any solution?

-about vnc server mac-OS / Ms-window : it seems that we can launch the
server under win32 even if no one is connected: is true only for NT or
for win9x and WinNT?

I plan to use VNC for 2 task: 

-first as an X-emulator for some scientific prog we use, the server
would run on unix machine and client would only be mac /win32.
Who has experience with that ?

-second as a tool for repairing the "micros" (using it as timbuktu pro)
so, will there be one day a vnc server for mac 68K (i hope), is there a
way to start automatically the vnc server at startup (for win32/macOs):
not only launching the binary but launching the service?

and finally on unix,when the server is launched i prefer to have the
password taken from a list (like /etc/passwd) and not to be typed by the
user: is there a way without adding something like NIS,...

sorry for beeing long, and great "bonjour" from south of france where
the sun is shinning today...


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