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Mon, 12 Oct 1998 20:17:03 +0000

On Mon, 12 Oct 1998, Scott Seifert wrote:

> I am newbe at this and just cant seem to get past the password protection on the
> VNC server. Each time I try to use the viewer I am told I haven't set a valid
> password. I try and use my browser to set this and I get stopped by having to
> enter a password in the Java applets I get this error each time "This server
> does not have a valid password enabled. Until a password is set, incoming
> connections cannot be..." So the question is HOW DO I SET THE PASS WORD.  If any
> one can help I would be grateful.

I'm confused.  What platform are you running the server on?  If Windows,
then you need to access the Properties panel of WinVNC, to set the


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