VNC uses more than port 5900 aparently??

Todd Rinaldo todd "at"
Mon, 12 Oct 1998 20:15:17 +0000

	I have a PC at Texas A&M and have successfully used VNC
between PC's on campus. 
	The problem I have is going off campus. Here is how our
firewall is set up. All outgoing connections are permitted. All incoming
connections are restricted except for mail and HTTP except when the 
port is requested to be opened.
	When I connect to a computer off campus (It has no firewall), I
get a lag and then unable to connect message from the viewer. I even 
opened 5900 on my PC thinking this would fix it. Still doesn't work.
Can anyone tell me why this might be happening or the nature of the
connection. I'm connecting to the computer:0 this isn't 5901 is it?
even so I'm permitted to initiate off campus connections on any port
I choose. This seems to indicate the server initiates a connection
of some type...
			Thanks for the help in advance,
			Todd Rinaldo
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