SOCKS support in Win32 version

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Mon, 12 Oct 1998 15:52:14 +0000

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> Todd Aiken wrote:
> > 
> >         Greetings.  I am new to this mailing list, so please excuse me if
> > this question has already been answered.  I did check the archives,
> > but found nothing answering my question.
> > 
> >         I am trying to run the VNCVIEWER program on a Windows 95
> > machine using SOCKSCAP32 in order to connect to a Windows NT server
> > on the other side, but whenever I do so, I get an error message that
> > says "Error initializing sockets library".  Running VNCVIEWER
> > directly and it runs, but I can't connect to any side past my
> > firewall.  I see that people have modified the X version to allow
> > SOCKS support, but has anybody done so to the Win32 version?  Many
> > thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer.
> SOCKSCAP is supposed to let you use SOCKS with programs that are not
> written for SOCKS support. I've tried it a few times, e.g. with the
> command-line ftp client of Windows, and it worked ok. But the firewall
> has to support SOCKS, and this may be where your problem is. Also, there
> are two versions of SOCKS: 4 and 5. SOCKS4 supports TCP but not UDP, as
> far as I know. SOCKS5 supports both. I'd guess that VNC uses only TCP,
> but I'm not sure (can anyone help here?). If SOCKS5 is needed, you have
> to enable it in SOCKSCAP's settings, and to make sure that the firewall
> supports that version of SOCKS.

	Hi there, thanks for responding.  No, my SOCKS server is fine, as I 
use it for all of my other Internet related programs and everything 
works fine.  The reason I am using SOCKS though is because I have a 
five machine local LAN at home, and running SOCKS on my Linux server 
allows me to connect to the Internet my entire LAN via one modem, so 
more than one person can browse, email, etc... at the same time (at a 
bandwith price, of course).  My server is a version 5 server, but it 
also supports the version 4 protocol by nature.

> If VNC is modified to support SOCKS, you won't need SOCKSCAP any more,
> as far as I know.

	That is correct.  So if I understand correctly, nobody has modified 
the Win32 version of VNCVIEWER to support SOCKS yet?  Actually, I can 
get along without it, for now I run VNCVIEWER to connect to X Windows 
on my Linux box, then run the X version of VNCVIEWER to get to other 
machines on the Internet.

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