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Angel Martin Alganza alganza "at"
Sun, 11 Oct 1998 17:57:10 +0000

At 01:28 10/12/98 +0900, kandalva wrote:
>Dear Sirs,
>I use beta version of VNC for Macintosh,and works fine. :)
>But I want to suggest to add this feature to VNC.
>On server side,convert color screen to Black&White with
>dither and send to client as B/W graphic. It will boost-up 
>network performance about 8 times faster than 8 bit mode.

I work with two 100% VNC-based desktops in UNIX. One of them is large and I
use it locally to run a window manager and X applications for local ussage.
My second desktop is small, whithout a window manager and with very few
colors... I use it for server maintenance from home and even when I am
traveling. I think having a blck and white option, as you suggest, would be
an excelent idea. I could run my "tiny desktop" much faster than I do it
now. I think this is an excellent idea!


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