SOCKS support in Win32 version

Todd Aiken taiken "at"
Sat, 10 Oct 1998 00:59:26 +0000

	Greetings.  I am new to this mailing list, so please excuse me if 
this question has already been answered.  I did check the archives, 
but found nothing answering my question.

	I am trying to run the VNCVIEWER program on a Windows 95 
machine using SOCKSCAP32 in order to connect to a Windows NT server 
on the other side, but whenever I do so, I get an error message that 
says "Error initializing sockets library".  Running VNCVIEWER 
directly and it runs, but I can't connect to any side past my 
firewall.  I see that people have modified the X version to allow 
SOCKS support, but has anybody done so to the Win32 version?  Many 
thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer.

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