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Michael K. Murray mmurray "at"
Fri, 09 Oct 1998 09:04:20 +0000


I posted a problem about a week ago. I am running
the Mac server on a G3 desktop and the Mac viewer on
a powerbook G3.  I can't get the mouse to do anything.
By way of an update I have just discovered that I can
get the up / down arrows to work. I have the settings
page open on the server machine in Netscape and when I
hit the up down arrows on the powerbook the Netscape
page scrolls. So some signal are getting through from
client to server. The signal certainly gets through the
other way I can watch the desktop of the server change on the
client if they are in the same room.

Could there be particular problems with 'unusual' mouse
configurations? My pb has a trackpad and my wifes machine
at work (the other one I have tested it on) has a Logitech
3 button mouse. I guess I should reboot her machine with an
Apple mouse but I am at home at  the moment.

Thanks - Michael
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