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Hello Joel

VNC uses TCP/IP (only!) and Decnet is a totally different network protocol.
I am not aware of a possible mix up (like WINS, that replaces NetBeui with
TCP/IP). I don't think you have a Decnet node (number) have automatically
generated from IP, but there might be new ugly things in Pathworks, that I
am not aware of...

Please give us more details: Is your wife running VNCserver or client only?
NT Version? Pathworks version? And lbnl: What's the error message that the
sysadmin is referring to?

I think, if she's not running VNCServer as a service, then the problem must
not occur if she's not using VNC by hand.

just my two cents

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    My wife just installed vnc at her work and seemed to be working fine. It
is on her NT machine.....
    She now got an email from here sys-admin that said her machine
    has a duplicate dec-net node and is causing network problems?  Any
    ideas if this could be VNC related or what to do?  I am sorry I don't
have the actual error message but her mail just went down so I thought I
would write real quick for her.


    P.S.  I have it running under solaris 2.6 and it is great!


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