Mac server/OT problem on PowerBook 5300

Charlie McLachlan cim "at"
Thu, 08 Oct 1998 11:29:16 +0000

On Wed, 7 Oct 1998, Michael Santos wrote:

> However, I can't get it to work at all on my PowerBook 5300 (grayscale).
> >From the requirements list, it seems that my PowerBook meets the minimum
> requirements (except I don't know how to tell what version of Display Manager
> I have).  Is there a problem using it on grayscale machines?

What bit depth is the gray scale? It will only currently work with bit
depths of 8 or more.

> When I try to connect to the VNC server with a Solaris viewer, MacsBug
> keeps popping up the following:
> User break at 0B2E8F30 OTEndpoint::sNotifier(void*, unsigned long, long, void*)+00098
>  string_ex throw in notify

You win first prize in the "Spot The Macsbug Exception" competition. I
thought I'd removed all of these. Anyway what that message means is that a
peice of deffered level code has tried to trow an exception.

If your are trying to connect to a less than 8 bitdepth machine this may

> Strangely, though, MacsBug doesn't stay up.  The machine continues.  I 
> actually have to manually drop into MacsBug to read the messages.

This is because I put a ;g at the end of the message. 

> When I connect to http server portion of VNC from another machine, I
> keep receiving a bunch of "DoSndOrderlyDisconnect:
> OTSndOrderlyDisconnect error -3168 state 7" alerts on my screen.  It appears
> as if one is generated for each http connection (each GET for images, etc.).
> If I keep OK'ing them, the web page _is_ displayed, though.

Which is very odd. I'll look up what -3168 means. I take it this messages
appears on the server machine? Which browser are you using? It may be an
Endpoint is not in right state error. Whcih might be related to timeing.
How fast is you link between the two machines?

> ideas what could be wrong?  Has anyone used the Mac VNC server on a
> grayscale machine (or on a color machine in grayscale mode)?

The server works fine here on 8 bit indexed, and 8 bit greay scale. Our
machine won't do anything less, so it has not been tested.

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