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Thu, 08 Oct 1998 11:10:51 +0000

>Im probably going to get shot for asking/suggesting this, but here goes
>anyway.  I work frequently with remote contol software such as PC Anywhere

Nobody gets shot here, I like that.  This is one of the few mailing lists I subscribe to where little bickering doesn't break out. :)

>and Timbuktu.  I recently found VNC and am very pleased with it.  But to be
>usefull in some environments, it lacks one feature, file transfers.  In PC

Well, this has already been beat to death, but it seems to be about half and half in support of this feature.  So here's my 2 cents.

My experience is mostly in the Wintel market, since the network admins her on campus frown on things like UNIX, Linux, etc.  But I, quite frankly, am sick of huge applications, especially when they have "features" that overlap things I already have.  Plain and simple, VNC is a remote administration tool.  It puts another machine's desktop on your desktop.  It can even make it the whole screen if you want.  That's plenty of features for me.  

One example I'd like to point to is word processors.  If you install the Microsoft Office Suite, you get a whole slew of extra stuff you will never use.  In particular, something gets added to your Find menu from the Start button.  So now, even though you could already use find inherently under 95/NT, you can find files 2 different ways.  If you install the Corel Office Suite (Word Perfect) you get the Quick Find, another little GUI that does the same thing as the Windows find.  Neither of these was necessary, they are redundant, and they take up space on my hard drive.  There are literally hundreds of FTP servers, shareware, freeware, and commercial.  The number of FTP clients is an order of magnitude greater.  Do we need another one?  Should word processors come with FTP servers?

My last point is about the size of the VNC.  The DOS based viewer someone developed, along with the graphic libraries that go with it, all fit comfortably ON A FLOPPY.  In an age where most software is distributed on a CD, sometimes two, a fully functional, very useful, piece of software that fits on a disk is, in my opinion, a step in the right direction.

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