Mac Server Config Problem

Charlie McLachlan cim "at"
Thu, 08 Oct 1998 11:10:35 +0000

On Tue, 6 Oct 1998, John Tangney wrote:

> First problem: When I pull down the menu on the top right of the menu
> bar and select Start Server, it just beeps. If I double-click the server

The server will only be found if it is on the startup disk and the finder
data base is correct. Try rebuidling your desktop.
> Second problem: I can then select Server Config (or whatever it's called
> - I'm not at my Mac right now). It launches IE and opens the appropriate
> page. However, when I change values in the various fields (like
> password) and click Submit, IE just sits there. After several minutes I
> cancelled it, and went on with my life. Naturally, I tried restarting
> the server, restarting the Mac, etc.

A few people have been having trouble with the http bit. Hence the next
revsion will include a control panel that does the settings.
> I noticed that the prefs file for the server is a text file, so I opened
> it and tried entering a password there. Unfortunately the password I
> entered in the prefs file is not recognized when I try to connect from  
> client. My guess is that the password is encrypted in the prefs file.

Hit the nail on the head there.
> Since the client won't let me connect without setting up a server
> password, I'm stuck.

You can do all the settings via AppleScript: 

tell application "vncserver"
set password to "whatever"
set display numver to 34
end tell

In fact the control panel will be nothing but a front end to a bit of

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