CTRL-ALT-DEL ... again

Paul Burnett pburnett "at" blue.weeg.uiowa.edu
Wed, 07 Oct 1998 21:48:05 +0000

	I've read all the FAQs and several e-mails about C-A-D issues.  I
just wanted clarification about one thing:  a VNC client is ONLY able to
send a CTRL-ALT-DEL to a NT machine running the VNC server as a service. 
I'm running the VNC server as a service on a Win95 machine and I cannot
send a CTRL-ALT-DEL to it from a client.  Is the VNC server running on a
Win95 box incapable of receiving a C-A-D from a client?  If it is
incapable, could anyone suggest alternative ways to send a CTRL-ALT-DEL
from a client?  (WinTop, a Microsoft Kernel Toy, is able to terminate
Windows processes.  Any other suggestions?)


Paul Burnett

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