VNC - File Transfers

Dinning, Tanner Tanner.Dinning "at"
Wed, 07 Oct 1998 21:42:37 +0000

In regards to adding file transfers to VNC, please don't. The best thing
about VNC is that the viewer can fit on a floopy and that same viewer can
view a SUN system or a Windoze PC (which are the only two I use it for right
now). There are alot of FTP Servers and Clients available and the ones I use
have pretty extensive capabilities pertaining to FTP (logging, PASV support,
user access, easy of use, etc), so it seems for the functionality that I
would be looking for would increase the size to much. Anyway, if I need to
FTP i use the viewer to start the FTP Server and then I start my transfers
(after I log out of VNC). Please concentrate on server and viewer changes
(like for WinVNC add an option to not send the desktop wallpaper to the

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