VNC without initial password (unix)

Michael Zakharoff imjz "at"
Wed, 07 Oct 1998 20:26:04 +0000

quentin "at" wrote:
> Michael Zakharoff wrote:
> >
> > OK!   It *DOES* work without a password, but I STILL get the initial
> > "VNC Auth" screen... However, I can just click the "ENTER" and it
> > works...  Its closer!!!
> Yes, the Java viewer always displays this prompt even if no password is
> actually required.  You'd need to change the Java source to change this.
> The other viewers will, in general, let you straight in.
> And yes, the authorisation is set up by the -auth command passed to Xvnc
> by the vncserver script.  Take that out and it'll let you in.
> Quentin

Thanks Quentin... I wonder if anyone else has modified the vncserver
Java viewer to allow this.  Is there any plans for vnc to support the
http://user:password@site:port method of auth?



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